Saturday, May 3, 2014

Less hair

Good news - not getting on a bus makes for a much better day 5 and day 6! I still had to make sure to eat frequently and drink (way too much) water to keep my stomach under control, but what a difference. And, I know that by Sunday - tomorrow - I'll have turned the corner to feeling pretty much regular in terms of energy levels (higher) and queasiness (banished).

Back on the hair front, I had Mattison shave my head today. The mange look had really been getting to me, some people even thought my hair was growing back in, definitely not a strong look! All in all, clean shaven is a much better look now that my hair has started to "thin." The super slick feel is pretty cool, too, although really cold to the touch which is probably more due to my perpetually cold fingers (it is still well under 72F to be fair).

Although Mattison agreed to do it, I'm sure this was not something he really wanted to do. I have asked him more than a few times to just trim my hair straight across when it was longer and was always met with grim protest and bare acquiescence. After offering up one of his nice razors and super fancy shaving cream, we were underway. I tried to sound casual saying that I bet he never expected to be doing this, to which he responded, "don't. say. anything." So I went back to focusing on the experience. It was a pretty loud, gritty, scraping sound across my head.
Max and Linda

As he continued, he did relax a little. He told me he would much rather shave my head than cut my hair - because he knows how to shave, that there is too much that can go wrong with cutting my hair, and that there's nothing that can go wrong with shaving. That's not what I was thinking in terms of what could go wrong, totally the opposite! When getting my hair cut, there is no risk of bleeding and it will always grow back. As the scraping continued, I did appreciate how much experience he has shaving, and I realized I didn't feel about to be nicked or cut. Not for the first time I thought about having to shave your face just about every day. It definitely adds up to more finesse and expertise than leg and underarm shaving, hands down. And, right now, I am thankful for all of his experience. The little clean up strokes at the end reminded me a bit of a cat, just licking a little with its tongue, it felt that careful and gentle. 

If I have to do this again, now or later, I think I'll go to a barber. Then they can ask me if there is any product I'll be needing along with a nice hot towel.

P.S. race fans, we had the weekend off - no racing, only practice today.

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