Saturday, May 24, 2014

End of First 1000

After bouncing back somewhat, mostly, by Wednesday, it still feels like a long week. The two days in Worcester definitely took a lot out of me. I can't say it was more than I expected, but how long it took to feel better was the bigger unknown. Being on my feet essentially all day, on back-to-back days without easy access to food and water definitely made things more challenging, but the adrenaline and excitement of being at the end of season championship made it easier to keep going. It wasn't until late Sunday night when I finally had time to relax at home that it really hit me that I was pretty worn out keeping in mind that this weekend is a major energy sapper regardless. Fortunately, the weather was good and there were no major surprises or unexpected events. 

There was also a lot to do this week at work in terms of coaching. Two-a-day practices to select the 4+ to go to the IRA along with end of (academic/fiscal) year meetings - never a dull and rarely a quiet moment. This was the hardest week 2 of a two week cycle, without a doubt. As much as I like to blame chemo for everything (what, bad weather again, must be the chemo), I think much can be chalked up to having more to do this week than some of the other week 2s, more so than the cumulative affect of the treatments.

The biggest news flash is that I'll finally see what long distance travel is like NOT on day 5-6. Heading to a wedding out of town for a former oarsman ('06). A couple of hours in and I'll have to give a thumbs up - so far so good, and by this point I would have been feeling it on the bus. This is very good news. (Update - touchdown and no issues at all!)

Other than that, not much to report. I feel like I am holding steady health- and energy-wise which is also good news. And, I am looking forward to starting the second thousand (making progress) with Taxol on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday even for chemo) although with the same kind of nervousness and low level anxiousness that I had prior to my first infusion. Full report next week.

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