Friday, April 25, 2014

Short run

party pack
Yesterday, I picked up my party pack of pills for the next two treatments. The Neulasta is already in the fridge. Consider me ready for Monday's chemo. More noteworthy, however, was what occurred on my way back from the pharmacy. I caught myself jogging across the street to catch the walk light. Jogging. Almost an easy run. Later, I noticed it wasn't too bad to walk down stairs anymore. Yay! So, this morning I went for a very easy, very short run, just a couple of miles. For the first time since Monday night, the thought of running or seeing someone run didn't make me cringe. Yes, I was a little stiff starting out, for sure, and my feet are still a bit sore, but I certainly felt better when I finished than when I started, always a good sign. It's finally good to be noticeably recovered from the Marathon. Tonight, I feel very good! Still tired, too, but very good.

Hair update. Even though my medical team said it would fall out between 2 and 3 weeks after my first treatment, I pretty much look like I still have the Buddhist monk haircut since the clipper treatment last week, now well into week 4, no complaints here. Today, it definitely started rubbing off in the shower. (Yes, I am still using conditioner after the shampoo.) I now have a small bald spot on the top of my head which I think is only slightly accelerated by wearing a baseball style cap fairly frequently. Of course, it could also be the super volumizing conditioner I used at the hotel last weekend - maybe it was so effective that it acted as a primer for just poofing it all out.

Actually, most of the time, I don't think about not having (much) hair anymore. When looking out, so to speak, it's not like I would really see my hair. Even when it was short, or long and pulled back, at least, I never really noticed it or gave it much thought. It's more like wearing glasses than anything else. I can see through them, but I don't register what I look like when I'm wearing them versus when I'm not wearing them when I have contacts in. To me, it's all the same unless I see myself. It's only when going by a window or looking in the mirror that it registers again (and again) that it is super short. This morning after setting up some equipment outside for tomorrow's race, and then returning inside I thought I should really take my hat off so I don't have hat-head all day. Um, right. Not a problem, no hair, no hat-head. This was also the first time I went to do something hair related that didn't hold up. Again, later today, walking up the stairs with the sun behind me, there was my shadow and I was startled by how my head looked perfectly round. A few times. Right, again. No hair. No matter - it will all fall out, I prepped with the short cut, I will look a little more mangey before long, and then, in the end, it will grow back. I can live with that.

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  1. Linda:
    Great posts. I love your upbeat attitude!