Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Still feeling very good after the semi-debacle of the weekend stomach woes, thank goodness. I worked out again this morning and it all felt fine with my heart rate under control for a pleasant but safe and boring run on the treadmill. However, what I'm really looking forward to is getting out for a row tomorrow morning especially since it feels like spring has finally arrived. The forecast is low 30s, but sunny and calm. It doesn't get better than that for an early April morning. And by early, I mean I should really go to bed right now. OK, fifteen minutes ago. Soon. Max needs a quick walk around the house - outside.

I'll be quick, too. I've taken much less of the anti-nausea meds today. In fact, I really only took them this morning - one compazine and one zofran. I did take a pepcid maximum strength both this morning and this evening, but those aren't part of the official anti-nausea routine. However, on the advice of my oncology fellow (thank you!!!), I will take those for the duration of the chemo to help keep things on an even keel. Add to that one sennakot to counteract the side effects of the zofran, and you'd hardly notice the two tums on the side, but who's counting. The big fat lurking question in my mind, though, is how do I know if I need to take anything until it is too late? Getting behind was one of the more unpleasant physical experiences I've had recently, short of an actual flu, and I'd rather not get back to that feeling any time soon if I can help it. I will ask on Monday, at my next infusion, at the latest.

Speaking of questions, two occurred to me this morning:  cream rinse (does anyone call it that anymore), or not? Yes, it smells nice. Shave my legs one more time, or not? Let's not check the answer to that one.

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  1. I called it cream rinse to Laura the other day and got a blank, confused stare…but, yes, even with short hair!