Friday, April 4, 2014

On the road

Today will be spent mostly on the team bus as we drive to Ithaca, NY, for the races against Cornell and University of Pennsylvania tomorrow. Almost a seven hour ride and hoping for the best, but well worth it. I love going back to Ithaca for many reasons. One of my friends (and a truly accomplished author) lives there, the kind of friend you are so close to the connection is instant each time we get together. Other friends remain as well from the three wonderful years I lived in Ithaca and coached at Cornell. I found it to be a special kind of community, despite or perhaps because of being so centrally isolated. Even more, though, it is where I got married 13 years ago, one of the best decisions of my life. (Thanks, honey!) It goes without saying, though, that the best part of the weekend will be this Saturday's racing! And, maybe a quick stop at Purity and/or the Farmers' Market. 

Good news. I made it through the big three days post infusion without anything more than what felt like a little heartburn or sour stomach yesterday when I wasn't quite as careful with my a food intake as I had been. Lesson learned, oh cavalier one. Therefore, today I took the advice of staying ahead of any possible lingering stomach malaise by following my normal routine of never traveling on an empty stomach. Since I'm susceptible to motion sickness, I've learned that trick over the years. Food in the belly is my friend. Today, I've added to that repertoire by heeding the advice of pregnancy survivors to stay ahead of mornIng sickness - seemed like good advice. 

Of course, I feel more like I've packed for an army of toddlers rather than only me and no baby in sight: cooked cereal, dry cereal, two mini bags of popcorn, small tin of candied ginger, banana, a yogurt, Gatorade, plain water, plus the team bag lunch with a pbj, hummus wrap, two more pieces of fruit, a bag of pretzels, a cookie, and a chocolate milk. Phew. Who needs carbo loading? Roll me down Boylston ST! I haven't eaten it all yet, or even most, but I did kick off the day with a favorite breakfast of an egg, cabbage, and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla. I know, cabbage, but I find it really tasty. I am fully leaving the empty stomachs to my team as they prepare to weigh in this afternoon.

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  1. I'm diligently reading all of these posts and this is my favorite for several reasons: 1) all the cornell talk, obviously, 2), "pregnancy survivors" 3) the image of having to roll you down boylston. Sending you lots of you (aka, super-human-like positive energy, strength and grace).