Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, 2015

Just another Thursday, not even a new week, but the turning of the daily calendar today brings in a new year, a powerful symbol for a new beginning, a fresh start, for many. And, with my own reflections I am compelled and honored to offer thanks for the past year. I am thankful for so much and for so may people who helped me get through last year.

A big thank you goes out to my immediate community, Cambridge Boat Club. I can't count the number of emails, cards, meals, rows, and general boosts that I got (and still get) from fellow members.

I ran out of magnets and then fridge space very early on. Outside the club, there are also many non-members and non-rowers keeping me strong. The texts and tweets and retweets and various electronic check ins (ongoing!) mean a lot. Reminding me I'm kicking cancer's ass goes a long way!!!

Thank you, too, to my many far flung friends who, some I see often and others it has been years, sent me messages and even care packages (Seattle and the Pacific Northwest get mad props on care package per capita), across the pond, and in between.

Thank you to my two teams - the lightweight men of Harvard and the women of Dartmouth. You kept things normal and let me focus on being me. My former colleagues at Harvard - other coaches and non-athletic folks as well - were downright amazing through all my treatment, too, making it possible for me to carry on every day.

The greater rowing community will never cease to amaze me. Forgoing the politics of pink, I, and it seemed the majority of rowers I know, were awash in it. Here are a few of the many highlights. As I've mentioned before, I am happy to let people support me. Thank you for every last bit of it.

Thank you to the survivors and friends & family of survivors for sharing your inspiration, comfort, and, mainly, for having survived. While I wouldn't wish this on anyone, knowing survivors was and continues to be a huge part of my strength.

With respect to treatment, I am lucky to have a truly amazing team of doctors and medical staff beginning with day one and finding the lump to seeing me through all of the treatments at both MGH and Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Within this team, I have to also include all of my friends and friends of friends in the medical profession - I love Boston - who helped me navigate and control this process, right down to setting up this blog. How do I have so many doctors among my friends? #lucky

I thank my husband for having to be tough when neither of us wanted to. Even if he can't handle medical jargon without feeling faint, I know that it means that he cares, and I know I can always count on him for everything else (other than taking notes during medical team meetings).

(notice my full head of hair)
And, Max, our ridiculous French Bulldog. He doesn't know and never could, but he's a good cuddler and a tremendous source of hilarity and entertainment on a daily basis. He also helped us out again with our holiday greetings this year. Fortunately, we were able to keep it at a PG-13 rating.  

Thank you for following me and being part of my Support team. Happy New Year!!!

XO - Linda

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