Friday, October 17, 2014

2k or 5k?

I'm behind again in terms of posting, but only because things have been busy in a good way. Here is the evidence of my 2k reception (to oncology and radiation) at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
I'm including it because tomorrow is a big 5k day, the Head of the Charles, a 3 mile head race in Cambridge. I'm rowing again this year with my friend CB. Sometime last March, she did the calculation - 16 weeks for chemo, 6 and a half weeks of radiation, a little time for surgery, "you'll be ready for the Charles." And, she meant I would be rowing with her. At that time, and it still is, about being in the boat together. Over the spring and summer, it was good to think about it on some of the really tough days. Last year, we trained a lot and had a great race day, setting a new course record. This year, despite the surprise move to Hanover last month, we've still had a few rows together - not quite as many as last year - and still continued to train in our singles mainly, just not side by side. It should be a good run down the course. Steering, while still challenging with the buoy line and 7 bridges, should be less stressful since we have no crews in front of us. #poleposition

It's also the first race for my new team. We're in the Club 8+ on Saturday and the Championship 8+ on Sunday. It's exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. I can't wait. Race day is always a good day. Green Means Go!

Lastly, since it's getting late, an updated photo at a friend's request. It shows my hair which has grown in to a good length, and I'm getting ready for tomorrow. Photo pinched from Anne. Not sure why my eyes are closed, but you get the gist. 2k or 5k? Why not both. 

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